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Mind Mapping dans le monde RH

par Patrick NEVEU
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Small note of  Jean-Loup CHAUMET –  Organization and human resources consulting, specialized in professional mobility

The Human Resources in the company function integrates several very different professions. In their piloting, as in the daily activity of the collaborators, it is necessary to develop one or more tools that are readable and shareable. One of our actions, when we intervene, is to involve the different actors of the HR functions, namely payroll, training, contract management, skills and the GPEC, the social dialogue and in some structures the HR communication.


Our participative methods allow the emergence of a common language where each collaborator appropriates the cartography tool. It is by training that the groups in formation determine their indicators and the production procedures at the heart of the personal and HR function. We start, from the concerns of the managers, with as primary objectives, a definition of the key indicators of follow-up, the update of the risks for each of the functions.

Mind Mapping or rapidly tamed mapping becomes the daily tool to represent the HRD dashboard and the way to define administrative procedures.

Finally, our interventions allow to revisit the processes and to innovate to improve the productivity of the function.

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